Developing leaders to develop your talent, a smart investment......

Studies over the last decade show that the roughly $300 billion spent on talent development globally is not nearly getting the expected and needed results. Is is the same true in your organization?

Talent Savvy Manager, LLC offers a better way . . .

We cut through, to the heart of the matter: manager-driven talent development. It’s a smart approach that gives managers the skills to develop their people while also increasing engagement, retention and performance.

How do we know? Because we did the research with managers we call Exceptional Development Managers to discover what they do. These managers get development and performance results at the same time. They do it as part of their day-to-day management, using the work experience as the major driver of learning.
The 5 practices of Exceptional Development Managers are captured in our book, Make Talent Your Business: How Exceptional Managers Develop People While Getting Results.

Find out how we can help you increase the number of Exceptional Development Managers at your company.


Accelerate your managers’ adoption of the five exceptional development manager practices by investing in Talent Savvy Manager’s unique workshops for managers and leaders.

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Tune up your organization to make it a better place for exceptional development managers to grow and prosper. Invest your time and effort in higher performing development approaches.

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Try Talent Savvy Manager’s one-on-one coaching. It helps managers learn where they can add more value—with an emphasis on those skills and practices that make them exceptional development managers.

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Excite and energize your managers embrace their role as developmental managers. Invite us to speak on topics you want to explore—that have a strong connection to the role of managers in developing people.

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