Decide there is “enough development for all” and act on it

Ever visit a team where the whole department is pushing the bar higher every week; where the entire team is engaged in high action “learning while achieving” mode? Exceptional development managers adopt an “enough for all” mind-set and act on it. They stop thinking about development as a sidebar or special assignments for a few, and instead prioritize development every day for everyone.

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Shift around work assignments to expand development

People want to broaden their skill sets and have variety and challenge in their workday. "Exceptional development managers” (EDMs) have cracked the code for adding lots of development by looking at the total workload of the department and finding creative ways to mix and match people with various tasks. In doing this, managers also help foster a culture of learning and development in their departments while getting the work done.

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Selectively use others’ challenges for your team’s growth

Recognizing the huge benefits of growing their people by tucking development right into the work itself (and holding team members accountable for both); EDMs sometimes take on new challenges from outside the department. They assume these outside projects selectively, handpicked to give their people the development they need

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Create a wealth of development

The idea of leaders grooming a select few "stars" in a company is pretty familiar. Companies can do much better by embracing the approach of having their managers create "development abundance", as an ongoing dimension of the work place--sharing the development wealth with all.

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Breaking a double finish line

Exceptional development managers tell people that at the finish line of every task they will be breaking two ribbons, one for development and one for results.Jeff hears this, is struck by the technique and tries it out. He is bowled over by how well it works.

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