Thinking of giving the best development to your hi po’s? Think again!

Too often, management focuses on the high potentials, providing them with targeted training and access to senior management, while leaving everybody else to fend for themselves. There's a better way to spread your best development, by making it abundantly available for all.

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Still Searching for a Performance Management Fix? Find One at Last

Performance Management always seems to need "fixing". Progressive companies are finding new ways to do it. And we have discovered a wonderful fix driven by managers who make everyday a development AND performance day. This blog lays out what they do.

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Hit the Pause Button: Slow Down to Speed Up Development

How can leaders find time to develop people on the job with the crazy crush of 24/7 pressure for results? The answer is counter intuitive: not to act more quickly, but to pause more to slow down to go fast.

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Use random small acts to rev up talent development

No question about it, organizations need processes and policies to put development on the right path. Yet, we regularly hear from managers that programs requiring detailed forms and meetings such as: performance management, IDP’s and succession planning, feel piled on top of their day jobs. Often managers admit to treating them transactionally, which, as we know, has little impact on employee performance and development. The solution?

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Can we talk? The art of on-the-fly feedback

To make everyday a development day, managers need to go beyond questions. Start with intentionally with growth in mind and have un-meetings: conversations that provide on-the-fly feedback as wells as good questions.

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