For Exceptional Development Managers the Future of Performance Management and Development Is Now

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Kevin Oakes, CEO of i4cp ( describes performance management as one of the key human capital practices that his company’s research proves is linked to bottom line success indicators. After his presentation to the Pacific NW HRPS affiliate in Portland, OR, Kevin responded to a question about the future of performance management. He predicted in the future there would be a much tighter integration of performance management and development planning, so that managers ensure employees’ performance efforts occur in tandem with their development actions

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Exceptional Development Managers Reduce Brain Pain

David Rock, neuroscientist, talks about the latest findings in brain research. He caught our attention when he pointed out that a seemingly innocuous statement, like “Can I give you some feedback?” can trigger the same threat response as ominous footsteps behind you on a dark night.

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The Big Stretch: Make Work Developmental for Better Results and Growth of People

Many managers take a short term and myopic approach to managing employees—after all, the pressure for immediate results is overwhelming. Many managers pose the either or question, “Do you want me to get results or develop people?”

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