Where to start? Our consulting and expert advice can help you answer those hard questions.

What can be done to make your organization a better place for exceptional development managers to grow and prosper? How do you invest your time and effort in higher performing development approaches? Our consulting and expert advice will help you answer these questions. Complemented with our diagnostics and tools, we help you take great strides toward making your managers the engine behind your talent growth.

2 With decades of internal Talent Management experience in multiple industries, we provide expert consulting, not off the shelf solutions, to help you create and execute talent development strategies. Understanding your unique culture and your business demands, we will help identify the most appropriate processes, tools and adjustments in your organization environment that will dramatically improve manager driven talent development.

Clients seek us out in order to:

  • Address under-performing employee development efforts
  • Attract and retain a cadre of professionals who value and demand continuous challenge and development
  • Allocate scarce management resources to higher impact approaches
  • Prepare the organization to deliver on new strategic goals
  • Design productive mentoring programs
  • Improve the tie-in of managers’ efforts to existing talent development efforts
  • Establish cost effective methods of employee development

What our past clients are saying:

"When we were going through a major period of change, I valued the help Talent Savvy Manager gave us to develop an environment where we could attract and grow associates to put the customer first. Moreover, she helped managers be the stewards of that culture as they developed an understanding of their role and responsibilities as key leaders and change agents.”
Jim Dixon, CEO, Compucom

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