Coaching Leaders to Become Exceptional Development Managers

For Executive Coaches

As you support executive clients to improve results, you might often find yourself helping them wrestle with approaches to develop their people. It turns out developing others is not only good for their staff, it yields higher/sustainable results and enhances the leader’s reputation. Research shows that direct managers, not other resources (e.g., Talent Management programs), are in a prime position to spur staff development.

How can you help your clients develop people in expansive ways? Tap the researched practices of exceptional development managers (from companies such as: IBM, JPMorganChase, Corning, GlaxoSmithKline, Intel, Microsoft). These exceptional managers raise the game of their people, helping them develop career changing skills that turn their departments into talent factories. These five exceptional development practices are grounded in layers of behaviors which coaches can help develop.

Through a mix of presentation and interaction, participants explore ways to help their executive clients leverage these important practices.

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