Developing Employees on Zero Budget

Ask a typical manager how he develops his staff and you will likely hear about the last training program provided or on-line tutorials. Yet, this was not the answer we heard from exceptional development managers as part of research to uncover best practices for manager-driven talent development. Managers from companies such as Corning, Wells Fargo, FINRA, Marriott, GE Interlogix, Xerox, Adidas and Microsoft shared practices they used everyday on the job that helped employees develop skills and deliver better results, on zero budget. They did it by making daily development a priority for their departments, paying attention to the development needs of each employee, tucking development right into the work, and wisely leveraging (sometimes hidden) resources that were close at hand. And, while it may appear that this causes their plate of work to overflow, it turns out once these managers learned and deployed the developmental practices, their employees needed less corrective actions and achieved higher levels of skill and independence. This result actually increased these managers’ bandwidth, satisfaction, and reputation while improving the results of their departments.

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