What exceptional development managers really do (but, others just talk about)

There is a striking “say- do” gap: many managers talk a good game when it comes to developing their people, but few actually get the job done right. So overwhelmed by the need to get performance results, many managers short-sightedly give minimal attention to the opportunities that are available every day. But there are the golden 10% of managers whose departments are brimming with development, their people growing all the time. These Exceptional Development Managers are masters at manager-driven, performance centered development of their people. They focus on: astutely providing tailored, stretch assignments, elegantly increasing employees’ self awareness, using development partners wisely, and shaping the environment to drive development. They tuck these practices into their daily management routines without adding more work to their load. And, their developmental actions are tied to department goals, leading to even greater performance results.
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