Bringing EDM Practices Into Your Organization: Webinar for Senior Line Leaders and HR Leaders

Some managers spur their teams to get winning results, and significantly grow employees’ capabilities day by day, and month by month. Their employees not only take on more complex tasks independently, but they are more engaged and more likely to stay. It is possible for your organization to have many more of these managers. This webinar introduces the five practices of exceptional development managers and how leaders can help their organizations adapt these practices for winning results.

Program participants will:

  • Be oriented to the five practices of exceptional development managers and how their work benefits the company
  • Identify how organizations inadvertently create road blocks for exceptional development managers
  • Target their readiness with the crucial steps to become an organization where managers are equipped and accountable for significantly driving the development of their employees.

This 90 minute webinar includes:

  • The breakthrough model of the five exceptional development manager practices
  • A look certain organization processes that may be blocking managers from taking targeted actions to develop employees.
  • Overview of system-wide actions that can put your company on the path to increasing the number and quality of exceptional development managers

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