The Exceptional Development Manager Forum: An Action Learning Series

Imagine the depth of a development experience where a manager learns about new practices, immediately implements new behaviors on the job and receives support from multiple sources to fully master the skill.

This transformative action learning experience for managers does just that. Managers will learn to fully master the exceptional development manager practices while implementing these with their staff.

During this in-house, 3 month action learning experience, up to 12 managers share experiences as they build their talent developing capabilities.

This forum includes:

  • Immersion in the exceptional development manager practices during a series of 5 forum sessions over a 3 month period

  • Pre and post assessment of managers’ behaviors

  • Direct modeling/demonstration of practices

  • Beyond simply 'attending a program', participants put the practices into action with their staff, assess their own performance, fine tune behaviors and implement again with greater capability.

  • Three one-on-one leadership coaching sessions for each participant

  • Measurement of tangible results against objectives by each participant

  • Peer learning group provides support during workshop sessions and day-to-day implementation of the practices

  • Double impact: development for both managers and their employees

Get in touch with us and learn more about how to bring The Exceptional Development Manager Forum to your workplace.

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